Goals & Curriculum

These curriculum maps are a result of the joint efforts of the sending districts.  As a result, actual timelines may not reflect exact starting points, but they will approximate the annual instruction calendar.  The entire curriculum spirals, providing for continuous reinforcement of previously introduced skills.

Math  Curriculum

Kindergarten Math

Grade 1 Math

Grade 2 Math

Grade 3 Math

Grade 4 Math

Grade 5 Math

Grade 6 Math

Language Arts Curriculum

Language Arts Curriculum Grades K-6

Science Curriculum

Grades K-2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Social Studies

Grades K-6

World Language

Grades K-6

Health & Physical Education

Grades K-6


Grades K-6

Technology Resources


Preschool Curriculum

Visual & Performing Arts

Visual Arts Grades K-6

Performing Arts Grades K-6

Other Curricula


21st Century Life & Careers